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Bellezza Group

From humble beginnings, the Pettrocitto family are the embodiment of success within Australia’s hospitality industry. Leading by example, nothing comes without hard work, Bellezza Group comprises of father and son duo Jimmy and Giuseppe with the addition of James, Giuseppe’s cousin, who oversees plans with his attention to detail as the trio continue to revolutionize Brisbane’s food scene. Directed by Giuseppe, Bellezza Group comprises of Bar Pacino, Bellezza Espresso Bar, 11th Hour Catering, Short Street Espresso, Punch Espresso Bar and Café Pacino.

Bar Pacino is just one of their spectacular venues that pays tribute to their Sicilian heritage, showcasing the authentic flavours of Italy through show-stopping platters, antipasti and charcuterie boards. Diners are treated to uninterrupted 180 degree views of the city’s iconic Story Bridge and Riverside.

Taking over Brisbane’s hospitality scene, one creative outlet at a time. The hard work does not stop there. Giuseppe and his family continue to expand and channel innovation into new projects, so keep your eye on the lookout, who knows where the creative mastermind will reveal the next latest venture.

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   12 Creek St, Brisbane